The Learning Experience

Curriculum Highlights and Special Classes

A child’s day at FPPS is full of love, acceptance, wonder and adventure.

Though we approach life from a Christian worldview, we welcome students and staff of all faiths.

Since we opened our doors nearly 50 years ago, we’ve continually updated our curriculum.

On a typical day, our children are exposed to Spanish and music classes, art, chapel, free play, learning-specific centers, stories and science. We believe children learn best through play and that idea is incorporated in all of our curriculum.

Core Highlights


Free-Choice Play

Play is the work of children.  When they have some control of their learning and choose what materials they’ll work with and how they’ll use them, concepts and activities become even more meaningful. Our teachers create multiple activity-specific learning centers and “learning center” time is in incorporated into our daily schedule.  



Since math is a part of our daily lives, FPPS teachers build math principles into nearly everything.  Math centers give children opportunities to recognize numbers and build skills through toys like dominoes, matching games and blocks. Students might hand out napkins during lunch and count how many they need.



Our teachers read to their students both in structured times like circle time, chapel, Spanish and music but also during non-structured time like free-choice play. We use stories to emphasize themes we’re learning and to further interest.


Sensory Experience

We provide all kinds of sensory experiences for children to enjoy and discover through hands-on learning.  From washing baby dolls in water, to pouring and measuring sand, to making slimy putty or feeling sea shells – these experiences are included throughout the day.



Children are encouraged to observe their natural world through carefully planned experiments.  Students might be asked to mix paint colors to see what they create, or spray vinegar on baking soda to watch the reaction. Teachers may ask students to guess or hypothesize what might happen to an ice cube left on a window sill.

Special Classes


Once a week, instructors from Jemima’s Playhouse visit each class.  The program teaches music, foreign languages and civics through original songs, books and creative characters.  Kids sing, move and groove, play with rhythm instruments and are exposed to different types of music and languages.  The Children also perform twice a year for their families at our Christmas and spring programs.



Starting with our two-year-olds, each class is taught Spanish every week.  They learn colors, shapes, days of the week, greetings, songs and more through books, games and singing in a fun and positive environment.


Handwriting Without Tears

This is the same curriculum and concept taught in Arlington I.S.D. kindergarten classes and numerous other school districts. 


We gather as a school for morning chapel on Monday mornings at 9:30, and parents are welcome to join!  We use First Look Curriculum to teach Bible stories, songs and lessons.  Core concepts include: God Made Us, God Loves Us, and Jesus Wants to Be Our Friend Forever.  

Cooking and Gardening

Our toddler and older classes have opportunities to cook and garden in developmentally appropriate ways.  Gardening reinforces many educational concepts, including taking care of a living thing, seeing and learning how plants grow, and also strengthens motor skills.  Language, math and science are woven into the entire cooking process from counting ingredients in a recipe, to seeing what happens when they are mixed together.  Both gardening and cooking encourage pride in a completed task.


Teachers provide an assortment of art materials kids can choose from to make their own unique creations.  Children communicate through artistic expression, think creatively, make decisions and solve problems.  We focus on the process, not the product and believe every child is an artist.

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1200 South Collins
Arlington, TX 76010

Call today for a tour: 817-274-4051


1200 South Collins
Arlington, TX 76010